Due to the variety of patients in my practice, I’m very flexible as to what approach I take to address your needs. Finding the right technique for you is a teamwork approach where I combine my experience, your results and your preference to determine the best choice for treatment. For all my patients, I have their best interest at heart. If you have preferences with certain methods or treatments, please talk to me and we’ll come up with a solution together to get you well.

The following are the 5 major chiropractic techniques or treatment methods that I’m thoroughly trained in:

Thompson Technique: This method involves tables that have ‘drop away’ pieces. There are usually no popping or clicking noises heard during this technique method due to its reliance on the tables to add gentle motion into a joint.

Activator Methods: This technique protocol utilizes a small hand held instrument called the “Activator”. This instrument has several intensity settings and can be used in many cases from young children to the elderly. Some of my patients prefer this treatment method if they have learned that their bodies are very sensitive to firmer methods.

Gonstead Technique: Named after an incredible chiropractor from the US, Dr. Clarence Gonstead. This treatment method views the pelvis as the stabilizing centre of the body and relies frequently on detailed mechanical analysis of x-ray films.

Diversified: This technique is typically the most common technique in many chiropractic offices. It involves many types of adjustments or manipulations to joints. Patients often remark on the popping or the clicking noises heard with adjustments; this is a very common event after a diversified adjustment.

Upper Cervical Specific: When caring for many of my patients with ongoing neck issues or especially jaw pain and headaches, I particularly pay special care to their upper neck area. This technique focuses on improving the biomechanics of the upper most bones in your neck, the C1 (atlas) and the C2 bone (axis). A chiropractor trained in this technique is often meticulous in analyzing the upper neck area due to it’s functional importance to the related structures.

Additional Services: 

Nutrition: I often speak to my patients regarding their nutritional habits. Most of us might believe that we have a healthy diet, but the reality is that there is no such thing as one specific “healthy diet”. There certainly are principles of a good diet, but I often have found that some of my patients are following a dietary regiment that is clearly harmful for their body types. The knowledge we have as a society regarding good nutrition is often confused by the food industry. In my practice and out in the community, I regularly do nutrition talks since it’s such a vital part of one’s well being. I hope I can help you clarify much confusion around food.

Exercise & Physical Movement: We don’t all have to gym nuts! Our bodies are designed to move and I have found that in my practice, the combination of good chiropractic care with physical exercise is incredibly powerful. Your body will respond better to the care that I provide if you move! I hope to have specific dialogue with you about what types of exercise are suited to your body type. After some experimentation, we’ll get you moving again!

Prescribed Foot Orthotics: My background in dealing with athletes of almost every major sport has shown me the value of using proper foot support. I work with a local Ottawa lab to make sure that we make the best personalized Orthotic foot support possible for you.